Goodbye, April.

April 30, 2014

 April has been wonderful; a whirlwind of debaucherous fun, fairgrounds, 54 hour parties and sunshine - oh, sweet sunshine! Summer is so close I can nearly smell it.. if it wasn't smothered by London's endearingly stagnant, polluted air.

I get so many bursts of overwhelming adoration for this city. I've been here for nearly 9 months and every week I find something else that makes me fall in love with it even more. On Monday I met a friend and we took a slow stroll along Southbank in the evening sun. He kept stating his dislike for the modern architecture that peppers the skyline but I love it. Old and young, modern and ancient, chalk and cheese. Buildings with history, and buildings with history yet to be made. Contrast.

May, I hope you are just as wonderful.

The Polarised Project

April 28, 2014

I thought that after a long break from blogging I would break myself in gently by telling you all about an incredible project I am involved with.

I have a very good friend called B. He blogs under the alias of Charlie Smoke, and his blog can be found here. It's not pretty at times, and delves deep into the depths of mental illness. This does not define B as a person - well, to me anyway. He's a wonderfully passionate person who has a big heart and is lots of fun to be around - whether on an upper or a downer.

After the success of his blog, a few of our friends thought of the idea of a documentary, focusing on what it’s like to be young, to have mental health issues and LGBTQ in austerity London - The Polarised Project was born.

"Polarised is a documentary about looking at experience. At brushing aside lazy caricatures and stereotypes and climbing in between the covers. It's about immersing people in the smells, the tastes, the feelings and the sights of a world so often left in the dark. This film is more than just a two month jolly around London, following the crack pot wise cracks of a painfully average struggling writer. It's about living the world we seek to describe, peering behind the veil of gay marriage and exploring not only why it is that around 50% of the young LGBTQ community suffer from ill mental health, but what it's like to be one of that number.

The most important thing about Polarised is this: it isn't just about the people making it. It's about you. And the people you love, and the people they love. It's about the nitty gritty, the inconsequential detritus that shapes our lives. It's about the raised heart rates, the screams, the cries, the laughter and the despair. It's about dancing and running, rain and sunshine, snorting, fucking, smoking, squirting and falling through the rapidly opening cracks in society."

You can see the trailer below, and if you feel generous please donate through indiegogo and spread the word through facebook and twitter. Thank you.